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Autumn is a beautifully represented oil painting with the artist signature on the front.  This is a digital product, not a physical product.

This piece holds a special place in my heart, and is one of my favorite oil paintings.  I cherish the nostalgia of the season of fall - the weather, colors, textures, and traditions.  To capture the essence of this season, I carefully created a color palette that mirrors its beauty. While painting, I experienced a wide range of emotions that the colors evoked, I imagined the fresh, cold forest air in my lungs, and I found both my body and mind grounded in a serene calm.  I hope viewing this painting takes you to this same place.  The painting portrays a simple and tranquil landscape, offering a serene contrast to the busyness typically associated with fall.  

This digital art piece will be sent to your email with a link to the digital files.  For more information about this process and my personal recommendations for printing, paper, and framing click here.

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