For every art purchase, I donate 10% of proceeds to local and worldwide organizations that provide food, shelter, education, counseling & medicine to support people in need. My goal in these donations is to help empower people out of poverty for lasting change.

Here are our current areas of giving and goals:

  • Chickens for women
    • Income from the sale of eggs and offspring helps a widow, single mother, or abandoned wife provide for her children in developing countries.

    • We have donated $50 and our goal is $125.
  • Well
    • Dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene result in the deaths of hundreds of children every day. Help provide a deep well and fit it with a hand pump. One well can provide 2,800 gallons of clean, life-sustaining water every day for as many as 300 people.
    • We have donated $100 and our goal is $1000.
  • New mother and baby kit
    • Help give  a new mother in a developing country essentials like a bassinet, cloth diapers, blankets, a container for clean water, and soap. Your gift also provides life-saving infant care training.
    • We have donated $10 and our goal is $150.
  • Women's center
    • Provide care to women and teenage girls in Phoenix, AZ struggling with abuse, poverty, unplanned pregnancy, substance use disorder, emotional distress, family conflict, trafficking, or DCS intervention. 
    • We have donated $0 and our goal is 300.