My Story

Hi! I'm Emily. I'm an artist, middle school art teacher, and wife living in the beautiful (but hot) city of Phoenix, Arizona.  
At a young age, I realized that artistic expression and creativity subtly changed the atmosphere around me. I found myself captivated by drawing and painting, writing piano melodies, and dancing. Looking back, I recognize that these were not simply hobbies, but, rather, creativity is engrained in my soul. So, in 2020 and in the middle of a hard health diagnosis, I decided to publicly share my love for art and open my art studio.
Through the years, I have naturally gravitated towards painting and drawing subjects of nature, such as landscapes, portraits, botanicals, and still life. Everything I create merely echoes the masterpieces crafted by the divine Artist Himself. It is mind-blowing, humbling, and awe-inspiring to recognize that God gifts His creation with a spark of His own creativity and imagination, inviting them to create art of their own.  Knowing this, it compels me to a place of profound awe and admiration towards the living world, as it is God's original artwork.
My art is a tapestry woven from cherished memories, the essence of life, raw emotions, spirituality, and nostalgic reflections. With thoughtful intent, I create art with character, intentionality, and serenity, ultimately connecting you to the beauty that surrounds you. I strive to craft pieces that are timeless, enduring through generations, while infusing any space with an ethereal ambiance.
My desire is that you feel the same hope and beauty I have discovered while creating.
🫶🏼 Em