Orange Grove

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Orange Grove is a beautifully represented oil pastel painting with the artist signature on the front.  This is a digital product, not a physical product.

Made from oil pastels, this artwork has a special rarity and character.  I wanted to compose a monochromatic piece that not only captures attention but also invites viewers to appreciate the nuanced textures and lifelike values.  The biggest challenge I faced was allowing the oranges to have raw, textured edges, a departure from my usual preference for smooth, impressionist still lifes, and it added a layer of complexity.  I envision this piece as a stunning addition to a gallery wall in a kitchen or dining area, where the depiction of fruit enhances the sensory experience.

This digital art piece will be sent to your email with a link to the digital files.  For more information about this process and my personal recommendations for printing, paper, and framing click here.

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