Fruit Study II

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Original graphite pencil drawing of a fruit study on sulphite drawing paper (9" by 12"). Artist signature on the front.

This is a fruit study I completed last year.  I absolutely adore this piece.  It took me over six hours to complete, but I loved every second of it.  This was one of my first realism drawings using graphite pencils, and ever since then, I cannot stop drawing with them! There is no profound meaning in this piece, but I poured my heart and hands into the drawing.  

There are a few cosmetic flaws seen in this piece.  Firstly, in the upper left side, there is slight discoloration on the paper from the graphite, but it won't easily erase,  Also, in between the oranges there are some eraser marks that were difficult to blend out.  They are very faint, but I am a perfectionist so I notice them.  Lastly, I personally do not like the way I shaded the surface the oranges are sitting on, as it seems slightly too simply for the beautiful fruit.

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