Lepidoptera VI

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Original graphite and colored pencil drawing of a Mourning Cloak butterfly on vintage paper (5.25” by 7.5”). Artist signature written on the front.  This original has two minor imperfections, two grey lines, in the bottom left corner of the paper, which is why the price is slightly reduced. 

This drawing is part of the "Lepidoptera" series, a collection centered around the theme of delicate beauty, seen in moths and butterflies.  In the last year, I have grown immensely fond drawing and painting these ethereal creatures.  There is something about the character found in the colors, textures, and designs engraved in their wings and bodies that captivates me.  Interwoven into each piece are fragments of my thoughts, feelings, spiritual reflections, and quiet admirations of these species and their Creator. In creating this drawing, my intention is to connect you to the profound and serene beauty of the living world and its Creator. 

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